How to pack for a quick jaunt across the Atlantic Ocean

Having never crossed the Atlantic this is a bit of a learning curve.  There will be trial and hopefully not too much error. My strict instruction is to pack only a 60 litre duffel and keep it light.  Knowing that it is going to be a wet journey with little chance of getting anything dry I have tried for clothes that feel fine to wear when damp and salt encrusted.  Two sets of light foul weather gear and no slip boat shoes.

Once the race starts we will wear our PFD’s and a personal AIS ( Automatic Identification System) all day and all night until we arrive in St Lucia.  The personal AIS allows an individual in the water to be located via satellite and this information is relayed back to the boat you fell off and to other boats in the area.

If one falls overboard the  best chance of rapid rescue comes from your own vessel.  Even in moderate seas it is alarming how quickly a visual sighting of a man (or woman) over board can be lost.  AIS-Ocean Signal MOB device-non negotiable.

A couple of books, some nice smelling toiletries, a baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses, a red bulb headlamp (so I don’t ruin anyone’s night vision) sleeping bag, a blow up pillow and my bag is pretty well full.

I go through things slightly obsessively making sure I have the right kit and each time I get rid of a few items.

Finally it’s all whittled down and I now have room to spare in my bag.  Oh and I almost forgot, a few packets of boiled sweets to get me through the days of potential sea sickness.  

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