The Half Way Mark

Dec 4th 

Today at 1am we passed the half way mark.  The swells have been huge and the wind has been a constant 20 knots.  I’ve tried to capture the swells on video but don’t think that it will do it justice. I clipped on and  sat on the swim platform as giant waves rolled towards me and we sped down the other side reaching speeds of 9.5 knots.   We have run out of fresh vegetables and the crew are a bit tired but all is going well and tonight we will toast our success with celebratory glass of champagne.

We are now only 1500 nm from St Lucia!  As is customary when reaching the mid point across the Atlantic we drink a celebratory glass of champagne on deck as the sun is setting.   The bubbles and feelings of accomplishment are intoxicating and we all enjoy the buzz after living on a dry boat.  I make a short video of us toasting life through gleaming mugs of champagne and ask my crew mates to say one word about how there are feeling right now.  Happy, relieved, amazing, accomplished and mellow are  the words that we have each used to describe how we feel at this point.

1500 nautical miles under our belts

As if right on cue and as if they knew a celebration was happening on this small vessel, a pod of dolphins joins us as we are sipping champagne.  At first we see one or two surfing in the waves created by our bow and then as we look at the sea behind us and beside us we see there are at least 50 dolphins, swimming along side us and frolicking in the waves.

Dolphins Celebrate with us

It really doesn’t get much better than this.  As the sun dips below the horizon and the sky slowly darkens we clear away the champagne  glasses and prepare for the first watch of the night.

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