A Quick Word from Anna!

Hi everyone! This is L, Anna’s friend, with a brief update. Anna is having a whale of a time, but internet connectivity is rather lacking.

In Anna’s words, via a quick email, “blogging from the Atlantic has been challenging but I am documenting the journey and will post it retroactively when I am back. In the meantime, we have survived our first major storm, during which all the cabin doors blew off and several boats pulled out. We regularly have dolphins swimming off of our bow and I am finding ocean racing to be quite magical. I am loving this.”

Anna and the crew only get to connect with friends and family via satellite for a few minutes each day, so we’ll all have to wait a bit longer to hear about her adventures. Currently, the boat is close to Gran Canaria (close to the south coast of Morocco). Keep track of them on the map below!

For now, “All is well on this vast ocean. Only 2017 nautical miles to go! We are heading west now, so every night we sail into the sunset then sail through the night under a sky studded with stars.”

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