Two Days In

November 8th 2022

We have been sailing at a steady 8 knots in wind that varies between 14-18 knots.  The last couple of nights we have sailed wing on wing with a poled out head sail and the main boom pushed out on the opposite side.  The boom is secured with a preventer and the pole is secured down at the deck and with a topping lift that keeps it very stable. 

During the day we have hoisted the spinaker and have pulled out a small amount of the jib on the opposite side to stabilize everything.  We are sailing on a course of 230 degrees which is practically right down the rhum line. Our exact position as I write this is 20 degrees 18’90 N  22 degrees 16’74W

We all had lunch together on the deck and are blessed with 3 whales who swam beside the boat and came up to the surface very close to us.  The first whale swam under the bow bumping the boat as she went under.  Long graceful backs breaking the surface before a slow arc down. 

We have steadily made our way up the pack and now seem to be in 16th position overall and 4th in our division.  At this speed our ETA in Cape Verde is early Friday morning.

Beautiful sailing off the West Coast of Africa
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